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What people are saying about SMX parties:

"If throwing parties were an art, Tobin Ellis would go down as one of the masters."
Tasting Panel Magazine

"Social Mixology is setting the stage for the future of our craft"
Tony Abou-Ganim, The Modern Mixologist

"A secret soiree thrown by a hush-hush group devoted to clandestine revelry"

"The hottest parties known to mankind"

Winner, Best Mixology Event, Best of City Awards 2010
Seven Magazine, Las Vegas


What is SMX?
A traveling, underground pop-up cocktail speakeasy injected with a pulse. Imagine the best cocktail bar in NY crashing into a club on the outskirts of Prague. (We're nothing like that.)

Please Don't Come
If you think a long island tea is a great 'cocktail' and nobody can change your mind. If you think it makes you cool to be on a "guest list." (We don't do those). If you would rather text someone than actually talk face to face with them. If you prefer your Tequila cheap and chilled with a chaser of canned pineapple juice. If you're "too cool" to wear a costume to a party.

Please Do Come
If you care what you drink. If you like 'different.' If you're not afraid to be real. Or fictional. If you're mature enough to drink like an adult and secure enough to party like a kid. If you're curious and willing to expand your definition of what it means to "drink well."

How to Find Us
Social Mixology pops up all over the US (Vegas, Miami, Aspen, Hawaii, New Orleans, San Francisco, LA, NY) with no regular schedule- the only way to find out where we appear next is to be registered with us.
(Don't worry, your personal information will never be sold or given to a third party without your permission)

12/2 Tobin Ellis Cocktail Station by Perlick announced one year ago today
One year ago today, Perlick Corporation announced its partnership with 6-time bartending national champion and award-winning bar designer Tobin Ellis.


11/23 SMX Awakens - The Star Wars Party
It's been more than two years since Tobin Ellis has thrown one of his underground cocktail parties.


5/15 Tobin Ellis to Speak at Hospitality Desgin Expo
Award-Winning Hospitality Design consultant Tobin Ellis will be part of a three-person expert panel speaking on trends and innovations in bar design in Las Vegas this week during the 2013 Hospitality Design Magazine Expo and Show.


3/20 Social Mixology Celebrates Year Four in Las Vegas
This Tuesday marked the beginning of the fourth year of the world's original underground cocktail party known as Social Mixology.



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